Who are we ?

The prime objective of “ITC” is to create an atmosphere of International kinship amongst the worldwide business community. ITP is putting together a team of experts, who would provide all necessary help to those businessmen, who seek genuine guidance for doing business in the region. Indian exports promotion as our primary focus.

We, at ITP believe in coming of help profitably while doing business and invite you all in doing the same and in turn expand the cause of your commerce and our commerce across the places that we best know together.

We shall feel privileged if you call upon us to provide you the result oriented services that you look for when you do business with us.

Surfing the Information Net
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Business Information Centre is ITP's initiative in providing trade information services with electronic accessibility. BIC addresses the new challenges and methods of doing business using reliable trade information and support services.BIC provides on stop point for varied trade information and services on India by serving overseas importers to source from India and Indian exporters to expand business. BIC provides efficient management of trade information services besides connectivity and linkages to trade organizations in India and overseas and facilitates greater market access for Indian business.

BIC focuses on following:

Provide useful linkages to trade and trade related institutions

Provide access to current market information and specialized online data bases.

Ensure information is easily retrievable and deliverable online

Identify global trading opportunities.

Facilitate use of existing data and ease of updating content by various users in multiple locations.

Support development of active information networks at regional, national and International level.

Support Services offered by BIC :

Online Databases

ITP provides reliable information access both off-line and online by addressing the entire spectrum of trade information among the other wings convering Product Profiles, Supplier profiles from India, Country profiles of major trade destinations, Global Importer's directory, World economic environment, Overseas Market Situation, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, Market Surveys (Product-wise), Trade and Investment Policy, Trade statistics, Tariff and Taxes etc

ITP is operating a trade portal www.internationaltradepromoters.com having all trade related information including country profiles, product profiles, trade directory etc. Best source for all sort of world database.

We are having many corporate as our clients and our specialty is we are always delivering the solutions at the highest satisfaction levels .

The objective of International Trade Promotion is:
‘To create an environment for building business relationship world-wide’

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