Please read below, most commanly asked quetions:-


I am traveling from abroad. Where can I find visa information for my country?
Firstly, you will need to check whether there's our embassy in your country to obtain visa information. If not, we will organize your visa on arrival at the airport. The fees will need to be paid to the immigration on arrival at the airport. Some nationalities require special clearance and therefore the applications must be submitted atleast 30-45 days in advance. However, please confirm about your nationality with our services department on (info@internationaltradepromoters.com)


How far is the hotel mentioned in your package from the exhibition centre ? Can I change the hotel if I do not like it ?
The hotel is five to seven minutes drive from the exhibition centre. We have selected the best and nearest hotels as our official ones and there should be no reason for disliking them. Since reservations and payments are made in advance, it will be difficult for us to make the change. However, please contact our on-site team at the venue for assistance and they will try their best to satisfy you.


Our company has never been toIraq. We are slightly worried about safety and total organization of the event ?
It is always necessary to take precautions no matter where you are. There is absolutely no danger to life but petty thefts are possible. You just need to take care of your expensive belongings such as laptops, mobiles and watches etc. by not leaving them unattended. As far as organization is concerned. Our facilities, equipment and services are unmatched in the region though they can not be compared yet to exhibitions held in Germany and other developed countries. However, facilities are being improved every year.


How can I get hold of a business directory ?
We have asked all our official hotels to provide you a business directory / Yellow pages in your rooms. Besides, you could also request your consultant to provide you database of the required category