General information about MATEX-ETHIOPIA

Come and discover the latest innovations for …..

- Food Processing
- Textile and Garments
- Leather Products Manufacturing
- Sugar Manufacturing
- Cotton Farming / Production
- Cement Production ¨ Construction
- Steel, Engineering & Assembling
- Industrial Machinery
- Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies Manuf.
- Plastic and Rubber Production
- Glass manufacturing ..etc

Covering the most up-to-date and comprehensive exhibits on…….

- Bakeries
- Grain & Oil mills & their products
- Food factory & Foods
- Sugar Manufacturing & Sugar
- Meat & Meat products processing and products
- Wheat-based products manufacturing
- Manufaturing of Industrial Machinery
- Fruit and Vegetable Processing
- Edible oil production & edible oil
- Dairy production and products
- Grain milling
- Soft drinks bottling & Soft drinks
- Garments Manufacturing and garments & Clothes
- Cotton farming and Cotton
- Ginning · Spinning
- Textiles and Garments machinery spare parts & maintenance
- Weaving and knitting
- Dyeing and finishing
- Supply of fabrics and accessories
- Constructional Transportation & Communication machineries & devices
- Water works & energy machineries
- Building materials and technologies
- Techniques and equipment of physical infrastructure · Etc….

Objectives of MATEX-ETHIOPIA

  • To introduce Ethiopian business enterprises and their products/services to the general public and the international business community;
  • To bring together technology suppliers and seekers and facilitate the transfer of manufacturing machineries & technology,
  • To serve as a platform for exploring the possibilities of joint venture investments in Ethiopia; and to create a forum where local and international business communities could come together and reach business agreements;
  • To facilitate exchange of experiences and information among the business community worldwide;
  • To provide forum for buyer-seller meetings to exploit immediate trading opportunities and;
  • To promote investment potential of the country.

We showcase Ethiopia’s Capabilities by offering:

  • Promotion of joint ventures – technological and industrial
  • State-of- the art national pavilions at international trade fairs
  • Incoming and outgoing trade delegations and trade missions
  • Marketing expertise and links with policy and decision makers
  • Marketing efforts on sectors where Ethiopia has a comparative advantage
  • Specialized information on innovations and new products