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Food and Food Processing Industry

• Vegetable & Fruit Seeds and Improvement
• Organic Agriculture
• Dairy Farm Technologies
• Milking Equipment and Pretreatment of Milk
• Cooling Technologies and Equipments
• Slaughterhouses Equipments
• Meat and Poultry Industry and Equipments
• Poultry Farms; ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, guniea flows, etc.
• Food Processing and Production Equipments
• Fish Industry; fish farms, fish breeding, fishing equipments, etc.
• Canned Food
• Packaging Equipments
• and others.


• Vegetable & Fruit Arboriculture and Equipments
• Natural Plant Culture
• Seeds and Seedlings
• Grass and Flower Seeds
• Phytosanitary Products
• Plant Protection
• Fertilization
• Organic, Chemical, and Mineral Fertilizers
• Soil Improvement
• Plants, Young Plants, and Production
• Plant Nutrition
• Horticulture, Fruit-Growing, and Vegetable Gardening
• Plant Growth Regulators, Promoters, and Stimulators
• Post Harvest Protection
• and others.

Livestocks and Livestock Genetics

• Livestock Breeding and Reproduction Technology
• Cattle and Ovine Breeding
• Husbandry and Feeding Technology
• Production Equipments and Livestock Building Desings
• Genetic Animal Selection
• Genetic Materials
• Materials and Equipments for Artifical Insemination
• Embryo Transplantation
• Equipment for The Diagnosis of Pregnancy
• Microbiological Treatment Technologies
• and others.

Animal Food, Feed, and Nutrition

• Storage and Distirbution of Food, Feed, and Animal Nutrition
• Feed Preparation and Feeding Equipments
• Feedstuff Production and Equipments
• Fodder Harvesting Machinery and Equipments
• Industrial Food and Feed Additives
• and others.


• Animal Healthcare Products
• Veterinary Equipments
• Veterinary Preparations and others.

Agricultural Machinery and Equipments

• Millers, Silos, Granaries, Elevators, Conveyors, etc.
• Spare Parts, Repair, and Maintenance Equipments
• Mowers and Harvesters
• Soil Preparation Machinery
• Planting and Seeding Machinery
• Tractors and Equipments
• Hand Agricultural Tools
• Fertilizing, Plant Protection, and Cultivation Equipments
• Product Warehouse Machinery
• Automation Systems
• Product Process Machinery
• Product Packaging and Canning Machinery
• Water Dosage Pumps
• Laboratory and Testing Equipments
• and others.

Irrigation, Water Management, Melioration

• Irrigation System Installations, Equipments, and Services
• Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
• Drainage Equipments
• Water Management and Forestry
• Water Treatment Systems
• Waste Water Treatment
• Water Power Plants
• Equipments for Land Melioration
• and others.

Hygiene and Work Safety

• Personal Protective Equipments
• Cleaning and Disinfection Vehicles
• Sterilization Equipments
• Hygiene Products
• and others.

Industrial Construction

• Building of Hangars, Carports, Granaries, Elevators, Silos, etc.
• Building of Livestock and Poultry Facilities
• Production Lines
• Heaters and Coolers
• and others.

Agricultural Transport and Logistics

• Storage and Warehouse Network
• Refrigeration Unit Vehicles
• Logistic Management Process for Delivery
• Tanks
• Container Shipping
• Transportation of Bulk Materials
• and others.